Thank you, everyone, for stopping by our ABOUT US page. Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association (FKKA) families, students, parents, and instructors are delighted to share our thoughts on why so many people are choosing to study at our academy.
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Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate offers a fun, friendly, but serious martial arts training environment. Our instructors place students self-defense needs first. Our facility is immaculate with a spectator seating area for convenient viewing, an open door policy for communication, the best pricing structure for everyone’s training needs, and a Grandmaster who has over 40 years of martial arts experience and welcomes everyone who is genuinely interested in learning.
Grandmaster Flaherty and his excellent team of black belt instructors offer top notch self-defense advice and information to all age groups who want to earn karate belts or join the higher black belt degreed ranks. Listed below you will find some, but not all, of the exciting people and features of Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate. Please enjoy... 


Mariana was a small business owner in the Philippines before moving to the United States. She loves teaming up with her husband, working with the instructors and students, and getting to know their parents, grandparents, and legal guardians. Mariana derives great pleasure from working side-by-side with such an excellent group of positive people. 


Randall K. Flaherty – our Grandmaster and the Founder and President of Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association – is a 10th degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate who, since he opened Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate in 1991, has taught thousands of people from all walks of life, and has developed a system of martial arts characterized by the use of very quick hand or foot movements in ways designed to overwhelm an opponent. The FKKA's self-defense system is derived from the input of many different sources – Kenpo Karate, traditional Chinese Kung-fu, Aikido, Judo, Arnis, boxing and kickboxing, and other martial arts forms found both in the United States and in other countries.


We have a beautifully clean, air-conditioned facility with wall-to-wall mirrors, matted floors, and weapons on display, along with wall plaques of awards and achievements that testify to our long and distinguished history.


Hall of Famer and author, Grandmaster Flaherty, has put together a staff of instructors who love teaching. Some are professionals in the fields of business, computer technology and retail management. Others are schoolteachers, housewives and mothers. Each instructor brings a wealth of information to pass along in each class session and is willing to share his or her knowledge freely with anyone eager to learn.


The curriculum and instruction are detailed, comprehensive, and embrace different modalities of learning. Student engagement is paramount, and the instructors equip all students with the necessary skills, strategies, routines, and knowledge to perform at or above their established belt levels.


We have high expectations for our students, and consistently provide words of encouragement, along with step-by-step explanations and demonstrations of each training day’s objective. As the learning objectives are mastered, ample opportunities are offered by the instructors for students to demonstrate their proficiency levels. In addition, instructors continuously review prior lessons in order to insure that students do not lose the ability to recall previous learning objectives.


At our studio location, every student is treated with the utmost respect and given the opportunity to learn and develop at his or her unique pace. 


The FKKA parents are excellent at conducting themselves in a sportsmanlike and supportive manner toward their children, the karate instruction, Kenpo teachers, and other lobby guests. Our karate parents, as well as our instructors, understand that people are born with different abilities, and that the true measure of success is not how their child compares to others, but how he/she is doing in comparison to his/her best self. 


The FKKA business owners understand the financial needs and concerns of the general public and have priced all services accordingly.