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Mr. & Mrs. Cantrelle (The San Jose Studio owners) have chosen to have a go at martial arts training on their own and with their own name (DBA). As a result, the Cantrelles, their students, and Black Belt Instructors will no longer be affiliated with Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association (FKKA).
Over the years, Mrs. Flaherty and I have had great pleasure working out with San Jose FKKA members and meeting your incredible families. I have especially appreciated the many members who have sacrificed their time, energy, and finances by making the trip to Stockton for private class workouts, group training, and belt or degree promotions.
Mrs. Flaherty, and I want all San Jose students and Black Belt Instructors to know that our FKKA doors are always open for you.  In addition, we want to wish the very best of luck to Mr. & Mrs. Cantrelle on the next martial arts chapter of their journey.

Very Best Regards:
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