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Randall K. flaherty
10th  Degree  black  belt  (F.K.K.A. - grandmaster)
A quote from grandMaster Flaherty's father: 

“Son, no matter how big (Good) you get, there is always someone better.”    
                                             G.G.M. Robert Flaherty
Karate  is  a  way  of  life...
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Patch offered by:
Grandmaster Parker Sr.
Randall  K.  Flaherty
1987,  LA.

“Patch on display with
uniform at the Stockton
Senior Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker Sr.
“Father and founder of the International Kenpo Karate Association (I.K.K.A.).”
About Me...
What you should know about our grand-master?


Grandmaster - Randall K. Flaherty (10th Degree Black Belt)

Martial arts Occupation:
Revised: september 04, 2012.

Over 40 years of Martial Arts Experience.
Over 35 years of Teaching Experience.
Over 20 years of Martial Arts Business Ownership.
Instructor of the International Martial Arts Academy (from: 1980 to 1990).
Graduate of “Business Studies, Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy, Ph.D, Child Psychology Certified, etc.
Creator of Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association (F.K.K.A.). A+ Rating...
Creator of low cost Martial Arts Children Programs.
Promoter of Many Black Belts...(please click on our “Family-Tree”). 

Hall of Fame Inductee:

 2004 / Master of the Year
 2006 / Pioneer Award
 2008 / Silver Life Award
 2012 / Grandmaster of the Year

favorite style:

 F.K.K.A.  /  Kenpo Karate

martial arts studied:

Kenpo Karate, Kung-fu, Judo, Wrestling, Aikido, Tai-Chi, Arnis, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Kick-Boxing.

My influential martial arts Instructor’s, mentor’s, and helper’s:

Robert Flaherty Sr. (Father / Kenpo)
Rudy Jr. and Rudy Sr. (The DOJO)
Angel Martial (Kenpo Karate)
Bruce Crary (Sparring / Karate)
Roland Gonzalez (Kenpo Karate)
Ed Parker Sr. (Directed me in learning)
John Sepulveda (Kenpo)
Larry Tattum (Kenpo / Videos)
Chuck Sullivan (Kenpo / Videos)
Bill Superfoot Wallace (Kick-boxing)
Benny “The Jet” (Kick-boxing)
Jin Sun Ding (Wushu Kung-fu)
Charllotte Hargrave (Tai-Chi)
John Holland (Tae Kwon Do)
Miguel Hartado (Tae Kwon Do)
Ruban Ruiz (Kenpo Karate)
Dan Anchetta (Arnis / Stick Fighting)
Mr. Bart (The Old Man’s / Aikido)

black belt degree:

10th Degree Black Belt - (F.K.K.A. Kenpo Karate - Grandmaster)

influential F.K.K.A. black Belt Students that offered assistance to Grandmaster Flaherty’s Kenpo Association & Development:

Mr. Dave Cantrelle (Northern Regional F.K.K.A. Director).
Mrs. Becky Cantrelle (Academy Owner & Outstanding Supporter).
Mr. Gary Schoolcraft
Mrs. Tina Aubert (aka: Kawamura)
Mr. Joe Aubert

1980’s nickname:

Bullet - based on tournament sparring & human-speed (Black Belt Division).

Personal Motto:

“Building Strength and Character One Student at a Time.”

f.k.k.a. photos:

Why i love kenpo?

Building Confidence.
Helping Others Achieve.
Teaching & Meeting people from all walks of life.
It’s practical and realistic for the streets.
It’s great for studying motion, logical principles, and physics entwined into a comprehensive system of practical self-defense. 
I like Kenpo because it includes stand-up fighting, throws, grappling, hand and foot striking, nerve attacks, joint locks, and other.
It’s designed for the average man & women to use if needed.
 It deals effectively with multiple attackers, and also include weapons (material of self-defense, such as, sticks, knives, and guns).
 Kenpo provides a work-at-your-own-pace environment (people study Kenpo for deferent reasons).
 I LOVE KENPO BECAUSE - it’s a self-defense systems that works well with me.file://localhost/Master%20&%20Cantrelle-646.pdf
This “Brotherhood of Arnis” Logo 
is property of the FKKA.



Grandmaster Parker’s Studio, LA

(One of a kind Photo)

“Mr. Flaherty had private talks with Senior Grandmaster Parker within his Academy Office.”

“Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan (4th Parker’s Black Belt in the United States).”

“Teaching a class at Flaherty’s Kenpo Academy San Jose CA.”

“Great Grandmaster Ralph and Grandmaster Rob Castro .”

“Teaching a class at Flaherty’s Kenpo Academy San Jose CA.”

Quick Vick (Right)

Mr. Flaherty (Left)

Victor Phillips      

“A student of Flaherty

and excellent fighter.”

Randy Flaherty (Top Left)

Bruce Crary - (Top Right) Black Belt Sparring Coach

- Parker’s Studio -

Mr. Flaherty took this picture during a training night (One of a kind photo)  Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Flaherty was encouraged by Grandmaster Parker to workout with Sepulveda, due to a convenient location.

Legendary  Wallace:

Undefeated  Middle Weight World kickboxing Champion 1974 - 1980

Grandmaster Flaherty Learned from Bill Wallace privately, LA.

Randy Flaherty learned kickboxing skills from Benny “The-Jet” privately, LA.

“Master Roland Gonzales (Over 50 years Kenpo Experience .”

“Friend of Grandaster Flaherty for over 30 years.”

Master Jin Sun Ding (Center)

“Randy Flaherty’s Wushu teacher and friend.”

Randy Flaherty

Promoted a “Superfoot” Seminar

Independent High School

This “Association” - Logo 
is property of the FKKA.

“Master Ricardo Chaverri (2nd International Martial Arts Academy Owner).”

“A friend of Grandmaster Flaherty for more than 30 years.”

The  “Jet “  Center

Old  School  Workout... Early 1980’s

Mr. Jerry Maloney (Left) - -Owner of Lee’s Martial Arts

NBL - Tournament Champion  Point Fighting...

At Flaherty’s Kenpo Academy and Friend of over 30 years...

Living  Legend...

~ ~  Joe  Lewis  ~ ~

The Best Heavy Weight Champion of the World.

Randy Flaherty studied the Joe Lewis old school fighting concepts from Bruce Crary.
San Jose,  CA.
1978  - 1980
World  Legend...
~ State  Champion ~
Bruce Steven Crary 
studied directly with 
Joe Lewis and they
became good 
(1974  &  1975)
~ Respectfully ~
S.G.M. Ed Parker
World  Legend...

Frank Trejo (Left)

Grandmaster  &  Promoter

~ One-of-a-kind  photo ~

A humble student...


Christopher Flaherty
Angel Martial

Dr. Jim Thomas (Right)

~ Hall of Fame Founder ~

Grandmaster Flaherty (Left)

~~ Inductee ~~

Bill “Super-foot” Wallace  (Left)

G.M. Randy  Flaherty  (Right)

LA - (2012)

Randy, “Keep The Force.”
Signed by:  Joe Lewis

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace (Left)
Grandmaster Randy Flaherty (Right)
@  Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate

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Randall K. Flaherty
10th Degree Black Belt
Founder Of:
Flaherty’s Kenpo
Karate Association
Competitor's Patch
Karate / Martial Arts
California State
Athletic Commission
Licensed Manager
Randall K. Flaherty
Boxing Patch


KCRA 3 A-List Reports:

“Ranked in the top “5”
schools of 106 for
 Martial Arts.”
Professor Bruce Crary’s
Workshop / Seminar
Mrs. Mariana P. Flaherty
Fast Track Program (June 7, 2015)

Click picture to view Joe Lewis Tribute article...Article_Joe_Lewis.html
Best of the Best
U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Howard Johnson Hotel
Los Angeles, CA.
May 20, 2017
~ Inducted Members ~
I was introduced to Kenpo Karate when I was 8-years old by my father Great Grandmaster Robert Flaherty. I remember sitting on my father’s knee outside of our country home (in Kentucky) while listening to Army stories about his Asian friend. As the story goes - back in 1951 my father was observing  his friend being harassed by a GI for several minutes; my father recounted, “I couldn’t even blink an eye,” and the Asian friend reached into the big GI’s rib cage with incredible hand-speed, and popped it out using his finger-tips (Kenpo Karate in action). Well, needless to say, stories like this one motivated me to learn.

Besides the childhood stories, I’m thankful that my father introduced me to Kenpo, guided me in learning with his pearls of wisdom, encouraged my steps, and offered his unselfishness for me to learn in the world of Martial Arts. Moreover, my mother and father positively influenced my life’s direction by keeping me in school, having me attend church services, and supporting me in sports activities such as, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, track, wrestling, and of course, Martial Arts.

Profile dedicated to my father for his unselfish guidance, wisdom, and excellent martial arts enthusiasm by providing me the workable knowledge of school ownership to carry on a family tradition handed down from generation to generation.
                                    ~ ~  May DAD rest-in-peace  ~ ~

Significant dates in the profession include:

 Began Kenpo, Karate, Judo, and Martial Arts Training (with Father - Great Grandmaster Robert Flaherty).
 Became ranked in Kenpo throughout the years privately under Dad’s direct supervision and expertise – Dad would often call me his "Junior Master", or the "Master Blaster").
 In my opinion - Dad was truly the best Kenpo Grandmaster of the World (here’s where I learned how to execute an inverted spear-hand strike, and much more).
 Dad encouraged me to broaden my horizons by searching for answers within the Martial Arts Industry, Kenpo Karate specifically - (My comment: “I barely touched the tip of the iceberg.”).
 Introduced to Wrestling in school.
 Became involved with school sports (activities), such as, baseball (fast pitch), basketball, football, and track.
 Dad joined me into my first official karate school ("THE DOJO") - a classic fighting / sparring school (located in Bowling Green Kentucky).
 Trained at "THE DOJO" under Marty Senior and Marty Junior (father & son team) for a short while.
 Moved to San Jose California.
 Early 1980 - Joined Kenpo, Karate, Kung-fu, and Judo classes @ "The International Martial Arts Academy" - (located in San Jose California) with older brother Darrell.
 Darrell joined - to be my martial arts inspiration.
 Late 1980 - Teaching new students privately for the International Martial Arts Academy (Academy Owner: Angel Martial).
 Received the title - “Junior Instructor."
 Kenpo & Self-defense Assistant Instructor - for the Academy's Senior Instructors & Chief Instructor (Mr. Angel Martial).
 International Martial Arts Academy - "Lead Demonstration Team Member."
 Trained under one the best martial arts Fighting Instructor and Tournament Coaches (aka: Black Belt Instructor - “Mr. Bruce Crary”). 
 Joined and help teach the "Guardian Angels" Kenpo Karate - (only this year).
 Presented the nick name as “Bullet” (by: Mr. Bruce Crary).
 Studied old school fight principles, theories, and concepts directly under Bruce Crary for two consecutive years. Mr. Crary studied directly under Joe Lewis for two years (Old School Material for Learning).
 Introduced to Jeff Thorbs -- Jeff and Myself became close friends and sparring partners (Jeff Thorbs was an Olympic Track Competitor that suffered a minor ankle injury).
 I asked Dan Ancheta to help me learn Arnis (A Filipino Martial Art of stick, knife, and dagger fighting) and was often told “NO,” because I was an outsider and not an insider (a member of his family). As Ancheta explained, “The Brotherhood of Arnis is only taught to family members.”
 Participated in sparring matches at Lee's Martial Arts ("Friendship Meet").
 I continued to quest to learn the Art of “Arnis” by asking its founder, Dan Ancheta, many times throughout the year, only to repeatedly be told NO because I was an outsider (not a family member).
 Dan Ancheta accepted and welcomed me into the Brotherhood of Arnis as a good friend and family member (an insider). At this point, I was introduced to Dan’s sister, Clara Stone and many other family members. I was also invited to attend family parties and gatherings, and became known as “brother.” 
 Received my "First Degree Kenpo Black Belt" under two Kenpo Schools and group of expert Instructors - First Black Belt received at the International Martial Arts Academy under Angel Martial (Mr. Martial had received his Black Belt under Lee Thompson of "Lee's Martial Arts"), and the second - "First Degree Black Belt received was under the roof of the "Twin Dragon Academy (Owned by twin brothers - "Ruben and Roger Ruiz").
 Broke two 1” pine boards by holding them together myself (free standing) in front of a panel of Kenpo Karate / Kung-fu Judges (consisting of approximately six members, present) to demonstrate great speed and accuracy.
 Top Kenpo, Kung-fu, and Fighting Instructor of the International Martial Arts Academy.
 Rated #1 - Martial Arts Fighter (Competition: Sparring Division).
 Participated in, and, judged tournaments, such as, "The Karate Ways" promoted by Mr. Joe Myers, - "The Internationals" promoted by Mr. Ed Parker, - "The Invitational" promoted by Mr. John Supelveda, - "International Martial Arts" promoted by Mr. Ricardo Chaverri, - "All Styles International (ASIA), - "Kids Classic" Promoted by Max Togisali, and other "Open Style" tournaments not mentioned.
 Became a silent partner (subcontracted space or lease) from official business owner "Angel Martial" (DBA-International Martial Arts Academy (San Jose California).
 Took on the business name as "Golden Dragon" Martial Arts (due to my blond hair).
 Official Tournament Judge. 

 Student of Wushu Kung fu Weapons (Instructor - "Master Jin Sun Ding"). 
 Study of Tae Kwon Do under Instructor John Holland.
 Special Guest Appearance at the San Francisco Wu-Shu Tournament honored by Master Jin Sun Ding – (appointed by “Master Ding’).
 Upon visiting Master Ding at the East West Karate Academy (Owned by my friend, “Master Dave Thomas”) - I would teach Master Ding privately Kenpo Karate with Self -defense techniques before receiving my Wushu lessons.
Studied the art of “Aikido” from Instructor Bart (Bart's Instruction was under the direct supervision of "The Old Man"), within the Philippines. 
Head Official Tournament Judge.
Introduced to, and sparred with Mr. Chucky Curry ("Quick Kick"). Mr. Curry, a 9 National Champion Fighter of "Open Style" Tournaments that trained his Tae kwon do classes (Sub-leased space) at The International Martial Arts Academy (Owned by SIFU Ricardo Chaverri).
A visit with Frank Trejo’s studio (Los Angeles, CA).
A meeting with Grandmaster Ed Parker Sr. - (Los Angeles California). The start of a great partnership.
 Became a student of the International Kenpo Karate Association (I.K.K.A.) upon the sole direction and leadership of Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker.
Introduced to "Jeff Speakman" (Movie Actor of “The Perfect Weapon”).
 Trained with Top fighters, such as, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, and Benny “The Jet”, and others.
 Introduced to Professor Richard Bunch (A close personal friend of Bill "Superfoot" Wallace).
 Assistant Promoter - of the Bill "Superfoot" Wallace Seminar (California).
 Introduced to Don Alves (a former “Crazy Dragon” Tournament Fighter). In addition, I had the privilege and good fortune to spar with Mr. Alves and instruct him in Kenpo on many occasions.
 Became the Sales Manager and Trainer for the International Martial Arts Academy (New owner: SIFU Ricardo Chaverri).
 Perform Martial Arts for a local newspaper & Spanish television commercial with Mr. Ricardo Chaverri.
 Opened Kenpo Karate Business (DBA – Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate). 225 La Pala Dr. - San Jose, CA. 95127 
 Earned a place on the ED Parker's I.K.K.A Family Tree as an Outstanding Kenpo Member (4th Degree Black Belt).
 Worked out with John Sepulveda (Top leading Master Instructor for the I.K.K.A. family) - learning Western Kenpo Karate.
 Martial Arts Business Association – "Graduate."
 San Jose Chamber of Commerce Member - (Academy was written in the Commerce Paper).
 Creator & Director of a Low Cost Youth Outreach Program for local school districts (Co-director and Instructor of the program - "Master Alfredo Bandalan Sr. / Master Bandalan's Son / and his Kenpo Black Belt Instructors.
 Mr. Bandalan Jr. - is a Nationally Recognized (World Renowned) Stick Fighting Champion in "Escrima." Master Alfredo Bandalan Senior and Junior are personal friends of Flaherty's Kenpo Karate.
 Studied "Tai Chi" from a Val Pak Advertising Representative Ms. Charlotte Hargrave (a veteran in Chinese Philosophy).
 Placed 1st - (received 1st Place trophy) from the Cinco-de-mayo parade (over 100,000 people were in attendance).
 Flaherty's Kenpo Karate demonstrated over 20 exhibitions at the "Fair Grounds and other" - with self-defense and breaking.
 Introduced to TaeKwonDo Master CJ Stewart (a respected member of the local San Jose Community, and other). Master Stewart trained and mentored Ronnie Lott (Black Belt, NFL player, and Hall of Famer).
 Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate - witnessed by Sifu Chaverri, Angel Martial, Roland Gonzales, and other Black Belt Instructors not mentioned.
 Received a 5th degree Black Belt trophy from Daniel (Owner) of Golden Circle Martial Arts Supplies.
 Instructor of Women's Week / Self-defense at San Jose State University (Over 50 Women were in attendance).
 Instructor of Excellence "verbal recognition" within a small group seminar at Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Academy by World Renowned "Kenpo Master Larry Tattum."
 Joined the Larry Tattum's Kenpo Karate Association (L.T.K.K.A.).
 Flaherty's Kenpo Karate performed demonstration at Fair Grounds and the Cinco-de-mayo Parade.
 California’s Bay Area Tournament / Seminar Partner and Promoter under the International Martial Arts Academy with life long friend SIFU Ricardo Chaverri (Academy Owner).
 In House Tournament & Seminar Promoter (involving other Bay Area Local Martial Arts Schools) - - International Martial Arts Academy, Gonzales's Kenpo Karate, and West Coast Athletics are to name a few.
 Featured in Bay Area Magazine
 Continuation of Tae Kwon Do Training under Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing Instructor Miguel Hurtado (My Friend & Owner of West Coast Athletics).
 Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Demonstration at the San Jose's Rose Garden (over 10,000 spectators were present), and sponsored by the San Jose Mercury News (broke 9 bricks stacked).
 Completed the fighting training with life long student and friend Victor Phillips (Nickname "Quick Vic"). Mr. Phillips was known for his flexibility (Chinese Splits) and incredible human speed. In addition, Mr. Phillips is a college student in Nashville Tennessee (majoring in General Medicine) and won the National Tournament Championships (Black Belt Division).
 Member of the United World Karate Association (U.W.K.A. Owner: Kenpo Master Roland Gonzales).

 The first two F.K.K.A. Black Belts: (Gary Schoolcraft              and Monica Teixeira).
 Creator and Developer of the Northern Style: (The Chow System).
 Implementation of a new Kenpo Karate Program within the Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Academy (supported by the Academy's Black Belt Instructors).
 Developer of successful Martial Arts Programs (for School Districts).
 Youth Martial Arts Program Director ("The Young Karate Masters Program").
 Self-defense Instructor of many Managers, Directors, and CEO's of the High Tech Industries, Corporations, and Small Businesses.
 Established and Developed Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association (F.K.K.A.).
 Developer of the Association's Annual Masters Class Workshop / Seminar.
 Developed the "Tiny Tigers Youth Program."
 Promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt (Under the Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association (F.K.K.A.).
 The Association's (namely Master Randall K. Flaherty Sr.) Degrees of rank are based on time (approximately: 5-years per degree), supported by many school owners, and presented by the Association Black Belt Senior Instructors during a Masters Class / Seminar / Workshop (also as advertised).
 Promoter of the Master Class Workshop / Seminar – Guest speaker and performer "Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro," and his Black Belt Instructors (include: his son "Grandmaster Rob Castro").
 Developer of the Low Cost Instructor Payment Program.
 Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) / Outstanding Member.
 U.S.A. Martial arts Hall of Fame Inductee (“Master of the Year”) – Presented by Dr. Jim Thomas.
 Promoter of the Master Class Workshop / Seminar – Guest speaker and performer "Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan."
 Businessman of the Year - of Washington D.C. (Congress). 
 National Leadership Award & Honorary Chairman (Business Advisory Council) - of Washington D.C.
 U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Pioneer Award"
 Congressional Order of Merit Award from Washington D.C.
 Set two Martial Arts World Records (1: Broke three boards at one time) - (2: Broke 13 bricks stacked).
 Developer of the Instructors Sparring Class Schedule (to be alternated between the Academy Instructor's for diversity in martial arts training).
 Member of -- U.S. National Martial Arts Team / Official Letter of Appointment (presented by Dr. Jim Thomas on March 1, 2006).
 Owner of Kenpo Karate Businesses: (DBA – Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate) Located in the Bay Area and the Central Valley (California).
 Ultimately received the 9th Degree Black Belt (Master Status) - from the FKKA Senior Instructors (December 22, 2006). Mr. Gary Schoolcraft, Mr. Dave Cantrelle, and over eighty-people were in attendance during the holiday party, award ceremony, and promotional day.
 Partnered with Mr. Dave Cantrelle within the San Jose Kenpo Academy (DBA), located @ 302 Toyon Ave. Unit B (Studio #1). Mr. Dave Cantrelle shall be recognized as the "Senior Partner" of Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association.
 Opened Studio # 2 as sole proprietor @ 4343 Pacific Ave. #D2 - Stockton CA. 95207.
 Martial Arts Business Consultant for small business owners.
 First year - Launching the Ad-Vantage News Publication to residential and small businesses of local communities by via U.S. Mail and other. The publication is designed to assist with promoting Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association within the immediate cities and surrounding areas of all FKKA school locations.
 In May - Received the "Living Legend Award" from the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
 Mr. Dave Cantrelle (Senior Partner) - Received his "3rd Degree Black Belt (Head Instructor, status)" from Master Flaherty's Kenpo Karate, at the Stockton Academy.
 In May - Earned a "Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy; Ph.D." from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies.
 In September - Grandmaster Alfredo Bandalan Sr. (World Renowned) performed a workshop / seminar at Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate, located in San Jose, California. Also, Alfredo Bandalan has been a friend for more than 20 years and former business partner.
 Saturday - November 24, held a “Sparring Event” in San Jose (based on tournament competition, feet work, maneuvering concepts, and sparring drills.
 Recognition - Monday: February 23, Mr. Dave Cantrelle offered a new association form that was accepted by the FKKA & Board of Black Belt Instructors.
 Saturday - March 21, Mr. Jerry Maloney of Lee’s Martial Arts within the San Jose area (established in the 1970’s) performed a sparring workshop / seminar with many of the F.K.K.A. Black Belts and Students. Mr. Maloney has been a friend of Master Flaherty for over 30 years.
 Accredited Business - - Outstanding Better Business Bureau Member (BBB). A+ Rating!
 Serving hundreds of satisfied students.
 Distinguished Service to California Award - (From the State Capital  /  State Board President  /  Sacramento, CA).
 N F I B - “The Voice of Small Business” (Member)
 As seen on “Best of the Bay” T.V.
 Voted #1 - “Best of San Joaquin County  /  (Stockton Ca.).
 On December 10th - - “Received the 10th Degree Black Belt (Grandmaster Status).”  Presented by: Martial Arts Representatives, School Owners, and Black Belts of Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association (aka: the F.K.K.A.). 

 Saturday - - April 28th: Inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame - (i.e., Kenpo Grandmaster of the Year).
 Re-connected with Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace after 24 years (Superfoot - is my KIck-Boxing Instructor and friend).
 Recognized within Tiger Claw Magazine.
 September - - Friday 21 & Saturday 22: Bill “Superfoot” Wallace instructed a super-workshop / seminar at Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate, Stockton location.
 April - - Wednesday the 10th: Developed a new Kenpo form (aka: Short Zero).
 May 08 - - Mariana Flaherty received her 1st Degree Black Belt. A warm congratulations...
 August 06 - - Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate Association receives 2013 “Best of Stockton Award” - presented by the Stockton Award Program. Nationwide, only 1 in 70 (1.4%) 2013 Award recipients qualified as Two-Time Award Winners.
 January 16 - - Received the Professional Manager License - Approved By: The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). CSAC letter of approval states that, “This approved manager directs or controls the professional boxing or martial arts activities of any professional boxer or martial arts fighter.”
 May 15 - - Received Business of the Year awards for three consecutive years (plaque & trophy).
 June 07 - - Maria Ana Flaherty received 2nd Degree Black Belt.
 December 23 - - Created (developed) a new boxing patch / logo ( 
 December 27 - - Created (developed) new FKKA forms called: Short #4, Short #5, and Short #6.
 January 03 - - Created and developed the new competition patch & logo (i.e., Team FKKA).
 March 21 - - Promoted Professor Bruce S. Crary’s Sparring Seminar (an Intense Training Workshop).
 May 23 - - KCRA 3 A-List Reports: Voters Love Flaherty’s Kenpo Karate (Ranked in the top “5” schools of 106 for Best Martial Arts.
 July 16 - - Mrs. Mariana Flaherty received her 3rd Degree Black Belt (i.e., Head Instructor status).
 November - - Finalized and completed the “Arnis Set.” Assistant helper in the development: Mr. Terrance Chansilaphet.
 February  01 - - Finalized and Completed “SAI Set One.” Assistant helpers in the development were: Ms. Hattori and Mr. Alarca.
May 20 - - U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductees: Grandmaster Randall Flaherty (“Grandmaster of the Year”). Mrs. Mariana Flaherty (“Kenpo Instructor of the Year”), and Barbara Griggs  (“Karate Instructor of the Year”).